Golf Joke: Good Lie


0 Golf Joke: Good LieA husband cheating on his wife finds a quick out. http://TightLies.TV

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  1. Fosterscloseclan says:

    Face it you know …
    Face it you know i’m right, this is just a american joke with sex involved to make it ‘funny’…

  2. RK831 says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan Spoken like a true feminist.

  3. playdrums says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan Oh god, will you shut THE up. whining pussy.

  4. Birdies2010 says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan because maybe he is also ridiculously addicted to sex. or, maybe his wife is crazy and dumb as she is portrayed, or she does not satisfy him sexually, so he turns to another woman. and he can’t divorce her because she is so nuts that she may kill him. if you wanna keep reading into this simple youtube video, please email us at info@tightlies.tv. thanks for making this feed less interesting

  5. Fosterscloseclan says:

    @Birdies2010 well …
    @Birdies2010 well if the man is “ridiculously addicted to golf” then why didn’t he go play golf insted of cheating on his wife?

  6. Birdies2010 says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan no, the joke is saying that that particular woman is stupid, and also that the husband is ridiculously addicted to golf. if you want to see men portrayed as being stupider than an ape, go watch about 60% of commercials on TV, that should satisfy you.

  7. Fosterscloseclan says:

    so the joke is …
    so the joke is sexist and its saying women are stupid?

  8. iKealzDi says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan well no she is prob off cuz he plays golf all de time, i dunno why the punishmen wud be wors than cheatin but its jus a joke it wouldn really be worse punishment

  9. iAmazingGrace says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan Ever heard of something called a “joke”? No probebly not so stop ruin this with stupid comments.

  10. Fosterscloseclan says:

    so he knows that …
    so he knows that she is gonna say that hes been playing golf so he just has affairs… or is he telling the truth and (in their relationship) the punishment for playing golf is worse than cheating, help me out here cos i am confusded as here!?

  11. iAmazingGrace says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan You dont get it? I find it pretty funny that you’ve favourited a video about americans being stupid.

  12. MilanRadic2 says:

    the video was very …
    the video was very good and i will use the lie

  13. lovegame44 says:

    hmmm… time to go …
    hmmm… time to go back to sexy time! XD (love the vid)

  14. 1cmessina says:

    This is hilarious!! …
    This is hilarious!!!!

  15. Yngsatchvai says:

    The way he says ” I …
    The way he says ” I was tapping asses” I like to died laughing :) That’s funny!

  16. kholik4 says:

    @qawserftgyuh she …
    @qawserftgyuh she is not upset that he was playing golf or that he claimed to have been having sex with his secretary. she is because he lied and was apparently late for something they were supposed to do. also, she may think that he is addicted to golf and told him not to play. he is actually quite clever.

  17. qawserftgyuh says:

    @kholik4 why is …
    @kholik4 why is playing golf worse then screwing yr secretary?

  18. kholik4 says:

    @Fosterscloseclan …
    @Fosterscloseclan he told the truth, but when you play golf you occasionally get grass on your shoes. hence the rubbing of the grass on said shoes. therefore! he told the truth, but the shoes were the good lie indicated in the title.

  19. Fosterscloseclan says:

    ok i dont get it …
    ok i dont get it please someone explain :S

  20. RHARDY16 says:

    Gold, simply gold…
    Gold, simply gold…

  21. cjcgangster says:

    @jonnyethco are you …
    @jonnyethco are you the person that makes those cool videos

  22. amari9 says:

    You call that a ‘ …
    You call that a ‘Good’ lie? It’s awesome! XD

  23. brodocall says:


  24. jonnyethco says:

    “I’m very sexually …
    “I’m very sexually active.” Classic. Good stuff guys.

  25. 1978Luck says:

    Loved it!!
    Loved it!!

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