Golf tips to help stay down on the golf swing?

Hit beautiful shots WHEN I can watch the ball through impact. But that is getting to be a problem. Any tips and tricks. Did not use to be a problem but the last few years it is ongoing.

Truly, the best idea, is to ask a golf proffesional at your nearest driving range. There, you can ask as many questions as you want, and the instructor will guide you throughout your swing. It makes it alot easier than reading other peoples ideas because you dont know truly that you are making the perfect swing. I hope your game improves!

I was looking online for free golf swing video tips when I found

Anyone ever sign up to them? If so, were the videos any good?

As a subscriber, you will receive occasional email links to their video golf tips. Some of them are quite good but the coach/pro speaks too softly. The rest of the website are trying to encourage you to sign up of e-services.

No harm looking at what their tips can do for you.

What do you think is the best golf instruction book ever written?

I’m torn between "Ben Hogans 5 Fundamentals" Nicklaus "Golf My Way" or Nicklaus "Lesson Tee" What’s your favorite?
rogue: I forgot about "The Little Red Book" your correct, a great book. I have read it and have around here…. somewhere.

Pejon: Watson’s book on the short game is a great one. I’ll check out the others.

I’ll name 3 books that I have found invaluable over the last 40 years

I Leaned to play golf from Nicklaus’ book but I’ll add these to the list:

1. "How to Play Your Best Golf all of the Time" by Tommy Armour

Unbelievably good book written by one of the very few people who are both GREAT touring pros and great teachers

2. "The 9 Bad Shots in Golf and What to do About Them"
by Jim Dante & Leo Deigel
Leo won the USPGA twice so he could golf his ball
It is the finest book on identifying a bad shot and working out how to fix it

3 "Getting Up & Down" by Tom Watson

Still the best book on the short game ever written

Tips for fixing a weak golf grip?

i just made the golf team, but my grip keeps getting weaker and im losing distance, plus the occasional shank. ive known that its too weak, but i cant seem to force myself to have a stronger grip. it doesn’t feel comfortable at all and im afraid to try it w/o having time to fix it. any drills/tips ect. to fix a weak grip? i have a full golf season, but i dont wanna screw everything up dramatically. thanks!

Really the only way to fix a weak grip is to make it stronger by rolling the knuckles on top of your hand down and to the right. With my grip, my thumb knuckle is right on the shaft line. maybe even a little behind it. It’s going to feel weird at first, but believe me, once you hit a bucket or two of balls at the range with it, you’ll feel right at home. you’ll instantly notice more distance.

Is golf a fun and enjoyable game?

I am trying to get into a new sport. Would golf be a fun game to try?

its a huge mental game. so if ur looking for a challenge than yes. it also teaches great life lessons such as etiqutte and respect