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0 Robin Williams golfFun as helll golf explaination

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  1. knightryderrwn says:


    No …

    No it’s from “Live on Broadway” — and still funny as f***ing hell!!

  2. GingaNinga98 says:

    Although it’s funny …
    Although it’s funny i’m can’t help but feel offended as a Scot not like an american scot i’m a proper scot

  3. CarsnGuns124 says:

    Golf is fun …
    Golf is fun. pool and croquet

  4. Waliduz says:

    this is a joke, …
    this is a joke, wich is impossible to retell:)

  5. sikabean says:

    We’ll put a little …
    We’ll put a little flag at the end to give you fuckin’ HOPE!

  6. soxwon04 says:

    What is this from? …
    What is this from? Live at the Met?

  7. sammysammoz1 says:

    18 f***ing times! …
    18 f***ing times! lol. live his comedy.

  8. tufufcboy says:

    he sounds like fat …
    he sounds like fat in austain powers

  9. lucalukita16 says:

    fukin epic
    fukin epic

  10. royalsteven says:

    Ehhh…Thanks 😀 I …
    Ehhh…Thanks 😀 I needed someone to tell me that ^_^

  11. NereidDeimos says:

    you’re …
    you’re stupid

  12. royalsteven says:

    When you think …
    When you think about it most sports are gay. It’s just that human beings invented sports out of boredom o_O

  13. 4EyedBlonde says:

    with a little …
    with a little up stick!

  14. TheHunminator says:

    ahahahahaha im …
    ahahahahaha im scottish and i,ve never understood golf either…..

  15. redh0use77 says:

    1:46 This is ” …
    1:46 This is “Bliyunt”!!

  16. mja706144 says:

    to good to good
    to good to good

  17. idestel says:


  18. knightryderrwn says:

    Or, as he says in ” …
    Or, as he says in “Live at the Met…”

    “Golf is one of the few sports where a white man can dress like a black pimp and not look bad, you know what I’m saying??”

  19. jodhhorner2 says:

    FUCK NO we do …
    NO we do this 18 times

  20. Bagpiper1603 says:

    I just saw that …
    I just saw that movie, it really was good

  21. Zeussson93 says:

    “Here’s my idea for …
    “Here’s my idea for a fuckin’ sport… I knock a ball in a gofer hole… oh you mean like pool? OFF POOL!!! Not with a straight stick but a little UP STICK!!!!” LMAO!!!!!! WILLIAMS IS MY IDOL!!!

  22. radius117 says:

    I played golf once. …
    I played golf once… This describes my adventure perfectly.

  23. Sinkubus says:

    “And we do this …
    “And we do this just once?”

  24. jaimeeness says:

    “And if you want.. …
    “And if you want.. a linguistic adventure.. go drinking with a scotsman”


  25. 22sammy31 says:

    Fisher King is one …
    Fisher King is one of my favourite movies…;)
    Love Robin Williams

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