25 thoughts on “Robin Williams golf”

  1. @soxwon04,

    No …

    No it’s from “Live on Broadway” — and still funny as f***ing hell!!

  2. Although it’s funny …
    Although it’s funny i’m can’t help but feel offended as a Scot not like an american scot i’m a proper scot

  3. When you think …
    When you think about it most sports are gay. It’s just that human beings invented sports out of boredom o_O

  4. Or, as he says in ” …
    Or, as he says in “Live at the Met…”

    “Golf is one of the few sports where a white man can dress like a black pimp and not look bad, you know what I’m saying??”

  5. “Here’s my idea for …
    “Here’s my idea for a fuckin’ sport… I knock a ball in a gofer hole… oh you mean like pool? OFF POOL!!! Not with a straight stick but a little UP STICK!!!!” LMAO!!!!!! WILLIAMS IS MY IDOL!!!

  6. “And if you want.. …
    “And if you want.. a linguistic adventure.. go drinking with a scotsman”


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