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2 Joe Putter   Golf Tips, Golf Lessons, Instructions and More!Hi, fellow golfers, Joe Putter here. Hope you are all playing great golf! I began playing golf over 50 years ago in 1952. I know how tough a game golf can be. When you have responsibilities like we all do, such as jobs, bills, children, etc., we dont have a lot of time to spend practicing golf. Too many golf instructors teach golf as seriously as if it is quadruple bypass surgery. Golf is a game, a great game, but we should have fun. So you will find my instruction fun and valuable. You will improve and have fun.

To know more about me or to learn more about golf, please visit http://www.joeputtergolf.com!

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  1. cajohn19m says:

    I really …

    I really appreciate your instructional videos not only are they informative but the humor in them makes it possible for me to watch them again and again. thanks a bunch! =]

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