Golf prank: Exploding ball


0 Golf prank: Exploding ballHaving some fun with an exploding golf ball

Duration : 0:1:25

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  1. bartman464 says:

    XD i see these …
    XD i see these things all the time at spencers and since then i always wondered what itd be like

  2. bruizer1100 says:

    i would notice …
    i would notice right away that it was a different ball on the tee

  3. MrFelixify says:

    @88pie88 Norwegian.
    @88pie88 Norwegian.

  4. 88pie88 says:

    they danish lol?
    they danish lol?

  5. thealexlad says:

    good prank – …
    good prank – TERRIBLE swing lol

  6. NotStoopid0228 says:

    Not what I would …
    Not what I would call “Exploding” but still very funny!!!

  7. sindude300 says:

    I know its weird …
    I know its weird and funny. my butt crack is missing. lol

  8. Denis543 says:

    i dont know let me …
    i dont know let me goes ask your mom haha, i like how we went from fighting to joking

  9. sindude300 says:

    :) does it taste …
    :) does it taste good?

  10. Denis543 says:

    by the way, kiss my …
    by the way, kiss my prick!

  11. sindude300 says:

    i thought he was …
    i thought he was just like 45? lol btw YOU!

  12. Denis543 says:

    yeah sure hes like …
    yeah sure hes like 16? dumbass shut up

  13. sindude300 says:

    oh ok. he looks …
    oh ok. he looks young lol

  14. Denis543 says:

    hes like 60 calm …
    hes like 60 calm down

  15. FOXYKID09 says:

    that is a setup
    that is a setup

  16. sindude300 says:

    Wow his swing is …
    Wow his swing is terrible!!!

  17. Motaro76 says:

    GOOD IDEA!!!
    GOOD IDEA!!!

  18. MegadethDave666 says:

    was funny But NOT …
    was funny But NOT HAHAHHAHA that funny better luck next time.if u make me lauge next time there will be cake

  19. JoEbLAckMoDy says:

    what a prank .. …
    what a prank .. i’ll try it one day :) LOL

  20. fireball1074 says:

    agreed, or he just …
    agreed, or he just doesnt play alot

  21. r6fool says:

    what a terrible …
    what a terrible swing!

  22. Dark17B says:

    these exploding …
    these exploding golf balls suck

  23. gemcutter187 says:

    that guy must of …
    that guy must of been drunk, I don’t know about you all (people who actually golf only please, without the rest of you comments) but how the would you not notice the ball you’re looking at isn’t the same one you put down, again maybe its just me

  24. sweetfly66 says:

    some friends once …
    some friends once did this to me while i was on acid . It was around the 14th hole or so … i was peaking on blotter … they changed my regualar ball with one of these ” exploding ” ones …. tracers ? … uh , like you have never seen before

  25. jakejohn72 says:

    Skal vi spiller …
    Skal vi spiller golf?

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