Golf Joke: Good Lie

0 Golf Joke: Good LieA husband cheating on his wife finds a quick out. http://TightLies.TV

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Is a golf putting mat a good gift?

It is my boyfriends 22nd birthday and he just started getting into golf recently. I don’t know a thing about golf so I was wondering if this would be a good choice. If you have any other golf gift ideas that would be great too

Ok. so im an avid golfer and i absolutely love putting in my basement every chance i can get that i cant be on the course. it makes you so much better at golf because the #1 saying in golf is "drive for show, put for doe" meaning even the guy who is long off his drives may not score well if he has no short game…and one of the most important things to short game is putting. So i would say that this putting mat is a great idea, especially if he enjoys being competitive and having fun practicing in the process. Also other great gift ideas are golf balls. You can never get enough of those as a golfer since your constantly losing all the golf balls you get. Some good brands for starters are Maxfli, Nike, and TopFlite. They arent the expensive ones since beginners will probably lose more balls than an avid golfer. Hope that helps.

What would be your 5 best wedges for putting spin on the golf ball ?

Lets say your playing a high spin ball like a pro v1 and course conditions are right . Ive read a few sites that say the grooves dont matter, Its how you hit down on the ball .
Will a cheap wedge at walmart put just as much spin on the ball as a spin mill ?

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled, TaylorMade RAC, Cleveland CG-12, Cleveland CG-10, Cleveland 588….and check the type of grooves in the wedge…if they are U shaped, they will make more spin that V shaped. And none of these clubs combined with the softest (spin) ball will make a bunch of spin unless you know how to strike the ball to put spin on it. Just getting a spin ball and high dollar wedge wont make you stop the ball on a dime or back it up. Grooves DO matter, the shape and sharpness of the edge of the grooves make all the difference in the world. Spin milled adds just a bit more grip to increase spin. I personally use the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled oil can wedges, 56 and 60 degree. They are amazing for control and accuracy

cost of golf course putting green?

how much does it cost to build a putting green on a professional tour-level golf course? i have read $60k+ for a green on a typical course, but surely nicer greens cost much more.

I can verify what you read as true. Depending on the area or size of the green, as well as the type of turfgrasses (whether you are using real grass or artificial turf will make a difference), drainage and irrigation, materials, and number of bunkers contained within the complex, a golf course green made with USGA guidelines and specifications would indeed run roughly $50K and up on average.

And yes, nicer ones can have millions of dollars spent on them. For instance, no fewer than four greens at Augusta National Golf Club (1, 5, 6, and 12) have heating and cooling systems installed under the turfgrass.

Why do golf balls on the putting surface break away from mountains?

I thought the reverse would be true – that a huge mass would tend to attract objects, not repel them.

Drainage. Putts tend to follow water….water runs away from mountains… Square pegs = square holes.

Good Methods for Disc Golf Putting?

I have been D.G. here in minnesota Sense last summer. I can throw very far and accurately with my drivers. Then when i start to approach im not very good for how good my 1st shot is. So i am planning to buy a putter. What are the best putters for my situation? i only like to carry 2 or 3 discs. What are the best throws and grips to use? I use forehand for my long distance drives.

Just about everybody putts backhand.

The best kind of putter is a soft one that has a predictable fade. Right now the Innova Aviar is the big popular one because it’s mass-produced and cheap, and it’s in all the sporting-goods stores. It’s a fine putter, there’s no reason to get anything fancy, but I don’t personally like it cause it’s too hard.

I used to use a Soft Rhino but now I use a Milleneum Supersoft Omega. Just about any putter will be fine, what matters is that you get used to throwing it so you can predict its fade.

From within the circle, I stand directly facing the spot to the right of the pin determined by how much it will fade; then move the putter through a few motions from the chest straight forward; then in a single motion lean forward and move the arm forward and release, producing the snap entirely with the hand not the arm, so the disc stays on the exact trajectory towards the chosen direction, then fades a bit toward the pin.

I’ve seen plenty of people putt kind of overhand or forehand anhyzer, I guess that can work but I’ve never used that style.

Most important is that you pick a motion and just repeat it over and over again about a million times. If your course has a warmup pin you could get 2 or 3 putters and just stand there holing your putters. Start from 10 feet till you never miss, then go to 20 feet till you get 9 of 10, then move to 30 feet. Once you can hole 9 of 10 from 30 feet you’ll be putting at pro level.

Interesting you drive forehand, I’ve thrown forehand from the tee for so long I doubt I could ever switch to backhand. What drivers do you use and do they have wide or narrow rims? I don’t like the wide rims on the newer discs.

How can I improve putting a golf ball?

bought a new putter today..a two ball.

Have always been a good putt. I tend to think all golf swings are the same including putter, that is you have to keep you head still and eye fix at the ball. I’ve played snooker before and I think it helps.

With putt, first you read the line, the slope and the grass, then align your ball path, give it a point where you want your ball to stop (e.g. if it’s uphill you want the ball to stop after the hole, and down before the hole, break left right of the hole, and right left of the hole). Then, you pretty must know where your target is (like you would any golf shot), then execute it by eye fix on the ball, and have a good swing. Once you made up your mind on the target line, nothing else would help except positive thinking, just hit the shot as planned. Picture every putts go into the hole, that’s the only way it should be done, into the hole.

I am putting on bar golf in a week. I want to engrave something really funny on the trophy. Suggestions?

I want it to be really ridiculous. I was thinking of also getting a box of golf balls personalized as well with the same saying. I need help…

Real golfers never lose their balls. This is what you get for being the best at playing with our balls. Thanks for having the balls to play. You had the balls to win. Putter there. I think you get theidea.