Fun with Darren Clarke JP McManus Pro-Am Winner

2 Fun with Darren Clarke JP McManus Pro Am WinnerWell done to Darren Clarke on winning the JP McManus Pro-Am in Adare.

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Joe Putter – Golf Tips, Golf Lessons, Instructions and More!

2 Joe Putter   Golf Tips, Golf Lessons, Instructions and More!Hi, fellow golfers, Joe Putter here. Hope you are all playing great golf! I began playing golf over 50 years ago in 1952. I know how tough a game golf can be. When you have responsibilities like we all do, such as jobs, bills, children, etc., we dont have a lot of time to spend practicing golf. Too many golf instructors teach golf as seriously as if it is quadruple bypass surgery. Golf is a game, a great game, but we should have fun. So you will find my instruction fun and valuable. You will improve and have fun.

To know more about me or to learn more about golf, please visit!

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Who would like a ‘Golf Joke’ !!!! ????

" Golf, like measles, should be caught young, for, if postponed to riper years, the results may be serious"

P.G. Wodehouse.

I don’t understand but it’s totally a cultural thing issue. However, I am going to tell my b/f who is an avid golfer and he certainly will understand. Thx!

Golf tips to lower handicap?

I am a 15 year old male. I currently have a 17.3 Handicap any tips on how to get it to 10 or under? I got a new putter and am still adjusting to it. I’m also looking for new irons and driver, any suggestions?

dont get new clubs…thats for sure..i tend to shoot lower with new clubs….sweet spots differ….but if you do get new ones…practice practice practice…

how can i improve my golf swing?

im just picking up golf and was wondering if you guys had any tips to help improve my swing

here is a video of my swing

keep you head down and drop your hands before you turn your hips. also keep your lower back strait and only bend your upper back it may feel a little uncomfortable at first but it really helps alot

★ BEST GOLF BLOOPERS (#1) Americas Funniest Home Videos # 261

2 ★ BEST GOLF BLOOPERS (#1) Americas Funniest Home Videos # 261DID YOU LIKE IT? Cryptic has a great fun channel with days (!) of fun like this. A Funny home video full of golf bloopers (#1) from all over the world (part 261).

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Another golf joke? … ?

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

That’s not a joke, it’s true.
Millsson’s joke is great!

What are some good Golf tips for Wii?

Look at the little map at the bottom to see how much power would be best. Also, look at the wind and try not to go over the power limit so the bar doesn’t go red and sway. Before you actually hit the ball, try swinging the club to get a feel of how much power to use.

HELP with golf swing slice off the tee?

Earlier this year i went to a golf pro and got help with my driving and my slice was gone and could hit a straight long drive allmost every time. Then i didn’t play for about 2 weeks and now i can’t hit my driver if my life depednded on it. Every time it goes about 200 yards and a million yards to the right i used to hit it about 250. I can hit my 3 wood straight but not my driver i have tried everything do u guys have any tips?

There’s numerous things that can be causing your slice. If you’re hitting the 3-wood straight but not your driver, I have to wonder if you’re "overswinging"? Often when people hit a driver, they want to try to kill it, as it’s supposed to be the longest club — so it’s a common mistake.

First, as always, check your grip, alignment, and ball-position. If all of these are spot-on, then it’s time to check your swing.

Next, check to make sure you aren’t over-rotating on the backswing. The best way to do this is to take some 3/4 backswings then follow-through. Still make your normal acceleration through the ball (swing aggressively as you normally would). See if there’s any difference in ball-flight using this partial backswing.

Then, make sure you aren’t muscling it on the downswing. Trying to muscle it (swinging with your arms) can often cause an outside-to-inside swing path which will cause a slice. Rotate with your legs and hips and let your arms just lag behind, and take a nice easy follow-through. Again see if there is any difference in ball flight.

If your grip/alignment/ball position are all correct, and you are still slicing the ball with a 3/4 backswing and a passive downswing/follow-through, then you’ll have to look at the other common causes of slices — i.e. lead-shoulder dip on backswing, outside-to-inside path on downswing, improper weight-shift, not releasing the club head properly through the impact zone.