What would be your 5 best wedges for putting spin on the golf ball ?

Lets say your playing a high spin ball like a pro v1 and course conditions are right . Ive read a few sites that say the grooves dont matter, Its how you hit down on the ball .
Will a cheap wedge at walmart put just as much spin on the ball as a spin mill ?

Titleist Vokey Spin Milled, TaylorMade RAC, Cleveland CG-12, Cleveland CG-10, Cleveland 588….and check the type of grooves in the wedge…if they are U shaped, they will make more spin that V shaped. And none of these clubs combined with the softest (spin) ball will make a bunch of spin unless you know how to strike the ball to put spin on it. Just getting a spin ball and high dollar wedge wont make you stop the ball on a dime or back it up. Grooves DO matter, the shape and sharpness of the edge of the grooves make all the difference in the world. Spin milled adds just a bit more grip to increase spin. I personally use the Titleist Vokey Spin Milled oil can wedges, 56 and 60 degree. They are amazing for control and accuracy

Last golf joke in the book …?

"In prehistoric times,cavemen had a custom of beating the ground and uttering spine – chilling cries. Anthropologists call this a form of primitive self – expression. When modern men go through the same ritual, they call it golf"

Herbert V. Prochnow & Herbert V. Prochnow Jnr.

How true, tried to play golf this morning, but was rained off!
I once did see a Guy actually throw his bag full of clubs into a pond, then had to go in after it as his car keys were in the bag! GRIN, God it was funny!

Do anyone have really good golf tips?

looks like a lot of good answers already, I’ll just add that you will have bad days and you will always have that one shot that makes you still want to play.

my golf swing is very inconsistent. how do i fix it?

i know the proper way to swing. i just cant seem to do it.
does anyone have any training tips or exercises that might help me.

you need to build up muscle, flexibility and endurance- as we continuously do something or bodies will get tired, so make sure your body can last 18 holes. and golf is all about muscle memory, so it will take time….

– a lot of people don’t do this but you have to rotate your hips 45 degrees to get your shoulders to 90 degrees that average golfer usually slides which can also cause inconsistency.


Golf Putting Lesson 27 Putting FAQs Head Down

2 Golf Putting Lesson 27   Putting FAQs Head DownGolfLessonVideoshttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/golflessonvideosSportsGolf, Putting, Lesson, 27, FAQs, Head, DownGolf Putting Lesson 27 Putting FAQs Head Down

Duration : 0:1:14

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Free Golf Tips on Grip : Golf Grip Tip for a Slow Tempo

2 Free Golf Tips on Grip : Golf Grip Tip for a Slow TempoA slow tempo swing in golf requires a slow tempo grip. Try the free golf tip for having a better grip and swing in this video golf lesson.

Expert: Jay Golden
Bio: Jay Golden has been a PGA Member since 1982 and was selected for the PGA National Teaching Committee in 1988.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

Duration : 0:2:2

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Golf Swing Tips – Golf Swing Improvement – How to Improve Golf Swing Distance – Golf Swing Videos

2 Golf Swing Tips   Golf Swing Improvement   How to Improve Golf Swing Distance   Golf Swing Videoshttp://www.BetterGolfSwingNow.com Get the best Golf Swing Tips and learn how to improve your Golf Swing Now. Proven Golf Swing tips revealed by the pros for everyone to hit longer shots and achieve more distance, lower your handicap now. Improve your golf game and achieve more distance than ever before with proven golf swing tips. Yo can now lower your scores with great golf swing tips and better golf swing movement. Golf is a great game but not every golfer has access to all the amazing golf tips that the pros use for their own game, no it is possible to improve your golf swing with http://www.BetterGolfSwingNow.com .

Find out about advanced techniques used by the pros, how to have a good grip, how to have a consistent golf swing, how to lower your scores, how to properly warm up, how to achieve more distance and much more.

Correct your golf swing, no need of more golf lessons just the proper perfect golf swing explained step by step with exclusive proven golf tips by the pros.

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Golf Lessons: The Short Game

2 Golf Lessons: The Short Gamehttp://www.mindbites.com/lesson/1679-golf-lessons-the-short-game

Pocketshots are a series of video golf tips from famous golf instructors and golf coaches worldwide. In this series of short game video lessons, PGA Master Professional Keith Williams takes you through all the technique and golf practice drills you need to master the short game.

For more examples of the information in this lesson, check out these free videos:
Short game setup posture: http://www.mindbites.com/lesson/1691
Golf Short Game: The Texas wedge: http://www.mindbites.com/lesson/1692

It is ideal for golfers of all standards from beginners to improvers. Keith Williams has the techniques that will transform your short game and lower your scores. Learn about the club head, the importance of your grip and posture, the alignment of your body, and proper shot selection, as well as tips and drills to improve your chip shot, pitch, lob, bump and run, and more.

The lesson is a series of different Pocketshot clips and is almost 90 minutes in length. This will help improve your short game and therefore a better golfer. For more information about Britain’s top golf instructors, visit http://www.dizzyheights.com/golf_coaches.html.

Duration : 0:5:25

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Let’s Golf 2 for iPad

2 Lets Golf 2 for iPadhttp://www.tipb.com This week Chad shows us Let’s Golf 2 HD for iPad. This game is totally fun and highly suggested if you have an iPad and like golf. it’s not realistic like a Tiger Woods game, but fun none-the-less.

Duration : 0:4:38

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Golf Putting Lesson 14 – The mental side of putting

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