Help to Practice Putting in golf anyone?

is there a way to practice putting at home, i mean, is a carpet alright coz i dont know if it has the right texture really. so i end up putting to hard when i go on a putting green at a golf course?

Well, I can’t tell you how to get better, because for each person it varies differently. However, I can give you a few tips that could be helpful. Before I move on to my points, I do agree about practicing on your carpet.

1) Look around the green. Check for the lowest point of the green and highest point of the green. This tells you if you are putting up hill or down hill, and if you may have a left or right break.

2) You don’t need a spread out stance, Keep it kind of close, with a slight bend of the knees.

3) Do not use your wrists and hands to hit the putt. Slightly move your shoulder for better control. You will learn how hard you hit for distance as you go on.

I hope this helps you out in some way. If it does not, I do appologize. Hope you have some fun, and I hope this helps improve your putting game.

any one got any jokes about s. e.x on a golf course?

need to be quick though winding up one of my mates

no need to guess what about ha ha

a couple with three children decide they want to spice up their sex life so the husband suggests making love on the golf course he frequents. the wife finds that adventurous and agrees.

the next night they snuck out to the golf course and began intercourse. as the man finished, the wife wanted more so he found some golf balls and got kinky. one got stuck inside her and she started to panic.

"calm down honey, just push it out like you did with bob, bill and sue (thier kids)"
so she starts pushing and a security guard hears her grunting and comes looking around to see whats going on. he sees them half-naked and says

"what the hell is going on!?"

before the husband could make up an excuse, the wife pushes out the golf ball and yells "FORE!"

(get it? like four (fourth child)

What is the process to re-grip golf clubs and how expensive is it to do yourself?

I need detailed info. please

How to Properly Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs

Every golfer who decides to re-grip his own clubs should remember that the grip is the only direct contact with the club – so re-gripping must be done properly.

To properly re-grip a club, you must know the core size of the grip that you will require, and the size of the grip that best fits your hands.

Grips come in standard core sizing: .520", .560", .580", .600" and .620". There are also special-core-sized grips for oversized-butt diameter shafts, however these types of shafts are very rare now.

Determining the core size you require is simple. Just measure the diameter of the butt of the shaft you are going to re-grip.

The diameter of the shaft should match the core diameter of the grip.
Now determine what size grip best fits your hands. Grips come in regular, mid-size, and oversized or jumbo. To determine which grip best fits your hands, measure from your wrist (base of hand) to the end of your longest finger. If the dimension is less than 6.5 inches, use a junior grip; 6.5 to 7 inches, use a .560" grip; 7 to 7.5 inches, use a .580" grip; 7.5 to 8 inches, use a mid-size grip and over 8 inches choose a jumbo grip.

Once you have chosen your new grips and are ready to start, make sure that you have the following materials:

• Grip solvent (place in a squeeze bottle).
• Two-sided 2-inch-wide grip tape and a container to catch the unused solvent.
• You’ll also need a vise and a special rubber shaft holder.

All of the above should be available from major component companies.

The grip solvent I like to use is Coleman Camp Fuel. It does a great job and leaves no residue. DO NOT USE Varsol or WD40 – they leave an oily residue and some grips will become loose.

Before you start you must remove the old grips and the old grip tape. This needs to be done to leave the shaft clean and ready for the new tape and grip. Once you’ve done this, you are ready to ready to re-grip your clubs:

• Put the shaft holder over you club shaft and tighten in the vise. Be careful not to overtighten if you are re-gripping graphite shafts – they can crack. Tighten just enough that the shaft does not move.

• Cut a piece of grip tape about 8 inches long. Place it along the butt of the shaft, leaving about a half-inch over the end of the shaft. Wrap the tape around the shaft, making full contact for the length of the tape. Squeeze the tape together at the end of the shaft and push it slightly into the shaft to seal the end of the club.

• Squeeze solvent along the tape. Fill the grip about three-quarters full of solvent. Put your finger over the hole in the end of the grip, squeeze the grip opening closed and shake the grip so the solvent covers the entire inside. Pour the solvent along the tape and be ready to install the grip.

• Push the grip up and over the shaft butt. Hold the grip by the front and back and push using equal pressure with both hands. Once you start the grip sliding over the tape, do not stop until the grip is completely on the shaft.

• Clean any excess solvent from the grip and let it sit for an hour. Then you’re ready to go play.

For a video on how to do it:

Tips for playing in the wind?

I tell you it’s so windy today here in So.Cal that their is really no use in playing its that bad , what are some good golf tips for playing in the wiind?

Keep your shots low by playing the ball back in your stance..taking an extra club and choking down on the club.

For putting..try a wider stance it helps you have better balance. thats why a lot of europeans have wide stances because its so windy there that they need to have good balance.

Basic tips for driving a golf ball?

I have gone out a couple times, but I would like to get into golfing. My short game is decent, but I cannot drive to save my rear. I am not lacking in muscle, and I think I may be relying on my muscle too much. Any tips?

focus on making a nice smooth solid easy golf swing.

watch youtube videos of people with good golf swings and form your swing and grip around them.

How do i improve my golf swing?

How do i improve my golf swing?
I am a fairly good golfer i golf 3 times a day i just want a few tips

you could have been a little more descriptive of what you perceive as your problem with your swing…

work out more… distance is about strength and club to ball connection… use your hips to DRIVE through the swing… that’s where all of the power comes from…

you’re facing your hips out on your down swing similar to how a baseball player would pull the ball down the opposite field line… tighten your form…

you’re facing your hips too far inwards…. adjust…. video tape your swing from different angles and watch…

you’re getting too much loft… take a half step up on your approach

you’re club head is hitting the ball too far above the center point… center your club to ball connection…

club head contact on right side of ball

club head contact on left side of ball

aside from the obvious (hitting it harder), club head contact on upper portion of ball to create extra spin which can add a couple of feet… play more video game golf… the putting aspect of video games helps you to understand gradients of slope on a putting green and how much one has to compensate…

What is the best Golf Instruction book???

Im looking for a book on golf, was looking at amazon at "Golf for Dummies", and simular books…im not an absolute beginner, but need help..never consitant..and never realise what i do wrong and until now never cared a bout fixing it..would like a book with instructions to techniques, diagrams, and maybe some history or just reading and info..i know its a lot to ask for but any suggestions..

Golf for Dummies is a good start, was the first book I read on the subject, was informative but not over whelming. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons book is also a really good read with decent illustrations.

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